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Gravity Box is a game I've made in 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2018 - an accelerated game development competition. 

It is a puzzle platformer where you can't move using WASD, but have to use your bullet's blast to push you towards the finish points. There are 10 levels in total.

How to play

Shoot using left click.

Press 'R' to restart the level.

 Reach the blinking object (the finish point) to get to the next level .

Source code

The game was made using Java and libGDX

It's also open-source, and you can find the source code here


soundimage for music

freesound for sound effects

∞ Infinity Loop for the color scheme


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Hey luca you should make it where the gravity box respawn everytime

Hey, great game, found you on Reddit. Found a glitch/bug/exploit, though, that you might want to be aware of. If you are using a touchscreen laptop/Chromebook, then you can touch the screen with two fingers and get double the power. Use five, and you'll get sent to Narnia.

Thanks so much for the game!

When you hit the box out of the playing screen, is that just it? Then you hit 'R' to reset? And is that the only keyboard interaction required?

I started playing this on my iPad mini (Safari), and it seems like it just needs an auto-reset once it goes off-screen to make it iPad/iPhone friendly, maybe a lives counter so you start all the way over after three fails. As it is, one fail = reload page.

I know you're working on an Apple port (and thx), but I know that a small tweak to the existing browser version would hold me a little while longer.

Thanks again!


Is there a download link? I would love to play this without being connected to the internet. It is actually very fun and challenging! Keep up the good work! This would be so much more fun with more levels!

Thanks! And no, this game is currently only on the web. I am working, however, on a mobile version, if that interests you :)


Ok. I cant wait to play the mobile version! Give me a message once you finish it and ill install it immediately!

Sure thing! It will take a while to make it, though (I'd say at least 3 months) so you will have to wait a bit :)

KK, Thanks!

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How do i press R on a phone if there is no keyboard ingame and its looking weird can only see left part of screen

You can't do that, sadly. This game was not meant for mobile. I am working on a port, though :)


I love the game, the mechanic seems to simple, but is pretty difficult to get used to. It tried speedrunning it for a bit and came up with a time of 49.04 with a ton of room for improvement. If this game was longer it would definitely be a joy to speedrun. Nice game!


Thank you! This is a really great time :) I think my best is about 180s :))


It took a bit but I came up with a time of 34.87 and that is probably going to be the time I'll end with. Hope you make more stuff like this in the future! <3

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Wow, under 35s! I was surprised when someone finished the game in 90s, but you are really killing it! And in case you didn't read some of the posts I made, I will be making this game for mobile :). Also, wow, you played it for 5 hours! :O

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Unfortunately, there is a really annoying bug. If you click on the first frame of you spawning in (whether from the previous level or reseting) the placement of the bullet is very off and results in your run basically ending, as most of the time it causes you to rocket off in the wrong direction.

I used an autoclicker to get this screenshot, but I have died for no reason for this exact problem at least 50 times at this point.

Hmm... I will see what I can do about it. Tomorrow I should have a bit of free time to investigate this issue.


The issue should now be fixed :).


Great little concept!

Thanks! :D


Why won't the game run? Do I have to use a specific browser?

No, not really. I think there was a problem with the site for a bit since someone else complained about this too not long ago. Also, what the problem is?


It's the website, I played it on the client just fine. Loved it! Needs more frustrating levels :D


This is fantastic. Needs more levels!


Thanks! :D I will definitely add more levels in a later release.


Simple and fun! Good job!

Fellow imgurian

Thanks you! :)

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I'm a fan of your well executed minimalist art style. Good stuff! Gameplay has good flow. It's just challenging enough, but levels are short enough and the restart is immediate enough that you find a groove.

I will say though that the wall jumping did push me into frustration. It felt inconsistent and I couldn't quite get the technique.

Thank you! I will try to work on the wall jumping problem since I realized it is pretty hard to do it.